God’s Green Plan

22 10 2014

In many of the cities around America where thriving neighborhoods and businesses once stood now exists a faint memory of those healthy communities. Fortunately, there is a new trend that is gaining popularity around the country in areas that need it the most. Beautiful flower and vegetable gardens are sprouting in vacant lots and in communities that desperately need fresh produce. Many of these properties are managed by church and community organizations and  are producing high quality  products some of which are being sold to quality restaurants around these cities as well as being shared with community residents at very low prices (and in some instances they are free).
Some of these urban gardens are staffed by ex-offenders in an effort to transition them back into the community and gain employment readiness skills. God gives us a seed and that seed can grow to be a blessing to many. God Blesses the many volunteers and leaders who Walk like Jesus.  (Community gardens have also been credited with having a positive impact on surrounding neighborhoods)
Acts 20:35 “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”
This blog was inspired by the work of First Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD

Church Fire is a Lift for the Community

5 09 2014

Church Fire a Lift for the community

After an inner city Baltimore church was destroyed by a fire, the Pastor and congregation were very determined to rebuild. The Pastor had a vision to make the new church a place that would be more beneficial to the community. So the new church plans included a café with food service training for community residents, a hair salon and barber shop that also offered training.
This visionary Pastor says, “there’s more to come”. IMAGINE if most inner city and some suburban churches would provide some of the following personal enhancement services like: mentoring, homework assistance, computer training, food services, barbering, hair styling and other career development programs. Churches without borders are a necessity. Wouldn’t you agree?
Jesus was not only a Preacher His ministry included community motivation and support.

Image borrowed from ydr.com

Pillow Talk

9 03 2014

Kara, an eighteen year old young lady, has loved sewing since she was a young girl. Kara makes and gives heart shaped pillows with beautiful designs to women in various stages of cancer.  There is a  standard size and a smaller size for travel. Kara is an inspiration and the pillows bring comfort and joy to many who received them.

(Adapted for HJ.net from Live Life & Love TV)

God Sends Angels

24 01 2014

She couldn’t make snow balls, play in the snow or join her friends during outside school recess. Jozlyn, a 13 year old girl, was born with sickle cell disease a genetic condition that causes misshaped blood cells that can stick together and  block blood flow that causes severe pain and complications that can lead to organ failure. Jozlyn spent her fourth birthday on a respirator.  There had been no cure for sickle cell but in 1982 an 8 year with sickle cell had contracted leukemia. After a bone marrow transplant to cure the cancer doctors realized the sickle cell was also cured. In 2010 Jozlyn’s parents were told that a bone marrow match had been found and after a complex transplant treatment she was cured.

Then the day came when Jozlyn, a girl who seemed to never stop talking, suddenly had a problem speaking. It was the day her bone marrow donor, a woman named Petra Polka, a mother of 3 and her husband had traveled from Germany to meet Jozlyn . Petra had registered her bone marrow in 2003 when a man in her small town in Northwest Germany was diagnosed with cancer. Jozlyn and her mother Trudy were choked up and almost speechless because there was so much emotion and thank you just didn’t seem to be enough. Colorless Angels (sickle cell disease mainly affects African Americans).


21 12 2013

She Can We Can…  

At the age of thirteen a teen began the steps to develop a foundation to help poor kids here and around the world with developing self sustaining skills (education, farming, entrepreneurial skills & sewing etc.). She began raising money  with garage and cookie sales plus receiving small donations. Several years later she now speaks to other individuals and groups throughout the year to encourage and motivate them to use her philosophy – Teach people to fish and they can be successful for a lifetime.

Christ-MAS is putting more Christ-like characteristics into action. Christ-MAS = more Christ-likeness.

Kids Do It Too

15 11 2013

The youngest honoree at the 2013 Make a Difference Awards was 15 year old Nick Lowinger of RI. Fourteen outstanding service groups from around the country received $10,00 for charities. These awards were received for outstanding service provided on Make a Difference Day, October 22, 2012. Nick spent the day giving almost 500 pairs of shoes to homeless kids.

It’s very rewarding to find something that you’re passionate about, and you can even start something on your own, “Like I did” says Nick. Proverbs 19:17…God rewards the cheerful giver. (USA Weekend, 6.14.13)

Do It Everyday, Weekly and Monthly

22 10 2013

Small Things, Big Results. Many people think volunteering means writing a big check or doing something lofty says Gale King and Pastor Joel Osteen, but it’s the small things that can also make a big difference in someone’s life. You can start by saying hello or visiting a senior center, hospital or volunteering in projects around your community and if there aren’t any begin one, others will soon join. October 26 is Make A Difference Day, why not make a difference by doing something positive for others daily, weekly or monthly. God Blesses Those Who Bless Others. A thought came to my mind this morning as I lay in bed, there are many things that can be purchased at the dollar store to make someone’s day. WoW!

God sees and rewards every act of kindness.


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